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Stoked that I got to make a music video with Wasted Potential this summer for “Two Pumps and a Quiver.” We ran around London on a rainy afternoon hangin eating pizza at some of their favourite places in the city before their show at CTO. These dudes are super rad and if you haven’t listened to them before …….. you definitely need to start. Eat pizza and listen to WAPO! 

Directed and Edited by Brittany Farhat
Produced by John DuGray and Dustin Andrews
Shot by Brittany Farhat, John DuGray and Eric DeVal
Special thanks to 
Super Six Pizza
London Skate Co-op 
Call The Office
Single Mothers
Mike Todd at Speed City Records
Forked River Brewery 
Sebastian from nlsd
Drunken wobblies 
Just Alby
Kenny Wong
Jess Baird


Had the pleasure of crewing on this puptheband music video for “Mabu” this summer. Directed by Menno VersteegWhat an adventure!  

Full credits here: http://bit.ly/mabu_credits

yoshphotography / CNE ‘14 

yoshphotography / CNE ‘14 



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Post card.

Post card.



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Whoa, hey! It was really 9 years ago when Comeback Kid played the Embassy in London w/ Bane and Strung Out - the show where my favourite band shirt came from! Thanks for sending me to see them last month at the Opera House with Misery Signals and Counterparts, Musicsheblogged!!

Check out her rad blog and like her Facebook page! 

puptheband at Hillside Festival / July 26, 2014

Here is my view of thedirtynil from the pit as I fly around and get kicked in the head at their 7” release show on 14.09.11 at the Horseshoe. What a night! 

Jess Baird - supporting local bands for more than 20 years! Thanks for contributing to Issue 2 of MFBS, Jess. You rule. My Favourite Band Shirt 

Jess Baird - supporting local bands for more than 20 years! Thanks for contributing to Issue 2 of MFBS, Jess. You rule. 

My Favourite Band Shirt 

DEAD TIRED at riotfest in Downsview Park yesterday. George comes into the pit. Fucking rad set. Wow!  

I brought my GoPro into the moshpit yesterday during puptheband “Reservoir” at riotfest / Downsview Park. So this is what it looked and felt like, kids (madness.) Killer day!  


puptheband / riotfest 2014 / Downsview Park 

Riot Fest

New video we shot for the single “Gut Rot” by Canadian hardcore band Wolfs. Preorder their 12” vinyl and tape here: www.savageyouthrecords.bigcartel.com/pro­ducts